Virogin Biotech Ltd. is headquartered on the campus of the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver Canada. We are a start-up company in biological drug development focusing on innovative anti-cancer oncolytic viruses.

Virogin is built on the more than 20 years of oncolytic virus research by Dr. William Jia, one of the co-founders. Virogin has established a research team led by Dr. Jia and by world-class scientists and industry professionals. Our team members are specialized in recombinant viruses, tumor immunology and tumor animal models. More recently, we have assembled an excellent IND development team that includes extremely experienced experts in all areas of IND development from, manufacturing to regulatory filing as well as clinical studies.

In addition, Virogin also has a strong business team led by Mr. Huang who was the former CEO of a major pharmaceutical company and possesses many years of experience in corporate management, financing and investment. We have also gathered a group of consultants who are experienced entrepreneurs in various industries, including the owners of a multibillion dollar company born in an apartment suite.

Our mission is to build up a company with cutting edge technologies to save patients' lives by delivering innovative anti-cancer drugs.