January 24th,  2017

Virogin Biotech closed its series A+ round of financing. This series of financing was supported by our existing shareholders with the inclusion of FuRong Capital, Fudan University’s Industrial Investment Fund.


November 11th,  2016

The management team of Virogin Biotech visited the School of Life Science at Fudan University.


October 21th,  2016

Mr. Li Jin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Vice-Chancellor of Fudan University, visited the company’s lab in Vancouver. As an expert on Medical Genetics, Mr. Jin highly praised Virogin’s technology and was very optimistic about the company’s potential in the field of oncolytic virotherapy.


October 2nd,  2016

Dr. William Jia, CSO of Virogin Biotech was honored the opening presenter on the 10th International Conference on Replicating Oncolytic Virus Therapeutics in Vancouver BC.

August 20th,  2016

Virogin Biotech formed a strategic collaboration partnership with Guangdong University of Technology. Through the partnership, a joint research lab on virotherapy was established under the name “GDUT-Virogin Virology Lab”.

April 23rd,  2016

Virogin Biotech was approved for the National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) funding.

March 21st,  2016

Virogin Biotech successfully closed its series A round financing of US$ 7,000,000.

November 10th,  2015

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center officially announced through its website its collaboration with Virogin Biotech to establish a joint scientist committee and to co-develop a new generation of oncolytic viruses targeting multiple tumor types.

August,  2015

Virogin Biotech closed its angel round of financing funded by Shanghai GP Capital and Shenzhen Sangel Capital.

May,  2015

Mr. Chris Huang and Dr. William Jia, co-founders and respectively CEO and CSO of Virogin Biotech, met with executive members of the Asia-Pacific division of Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson expressed its interests in potential collaboration with Virogin Biotech to develop an oncolytic virus project.

April 30th,  2015

Virogin Biotech Ltd. was formally established under the jurisdiction of Cayman Islands.

March,  2015

Dr. William Jia and Mr. Chris Huang met with Mr. Mulong Liu, the president of Sangel Capital, and Dr. Xiangjun Zhou of YZ-cell Ltd. to discuss the possibility of establishing a biotech company to develop oncolytic virotherapy technlogy.