Core Management Team

William Jia, PhD


William Jia

> PhD from University of British Columbia (UBC), Master’s degree from Dalhousie University, Bachelor of Biology from Fudan University

> Director of gene therapy and virus vector laboratory at UBC’s Brain Research Center

> Tenured associate professor of neurosurgery at UBC Faculty of Medicine

> Senior scientist at BC Cancer Center

> Over 20 years of R&D, management, and entrepreneurial experience in oncolytic virotherapy and immuno-oncology

> Time Magazine’s (Canada) Best Medical Scientist in August 1999

> Published approximately 120 papers in international journals, invited to publish 90 academic reports and abstracts, owns over 10 domestic and international patents

Chris Huang, MBA, CFA


Chris Huang

> Bachelor and Master’s Degree from Fudan University, Peking University DBA candidate, CFA Charter Holder

> Seasoned entrepreneur and business professional, well-versed in China’s capital market with international perspectives

> Served as CEO of a public pharmaceutical company for many years, held several other senior management positions in the pharmaceutical and financial industries

> Possess abundant VC/PE and financing experience with strong business acumen

Ronghua Zhao, MD, PhD


Ronghua Zhao

> PhD in Surgery and Bachelor of Clinical Medicine from Second Military Medical University

> Led pre-clinical and clinical development of novel oncolytic viruses H101 and H103, H101(Oncorine) gained CFDA NDA approval in 2005

> Led non-clinical development of small-molecule anti-cancer drug candidate KX02, which gained CFDA IND approval in 2017

> Declared 3 patents, published 47 papers, and received multiple NIH & domestic research grants

> In-depth experience of translational medical research and of clinical and non-clinical development of novel anti-cancer drugs; familiar with regulations and guidelines of CFDA, FDA, and EMEA

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Max S. Cynader, PhD, CM, OBC, FRSC

Dr. Max Cynader is a world-renowned neuroscientist. He is the founding Director of Brain Research Center and the Canada Research Chair in Brain Development; a recipient of Order of Canada and Order of British Columbia; and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and The Canadian Academy for Health Sciences. During his professional and academic career, he has received countless awards and recognitions, published over 200 articles, presented over 350 speeches in national and international conferences. Dr. Cynader was also one of the founders of the OV company NeuroVir, which was acquired in 2000 by MediGene.

Li Jin, PhD

Li Jin

Dr. Li Jin is a Chinese geneticist, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the vice-president of Fudan University. He is also a foreign member of Max Planck Society, Director of the Human Genome Organization, and a member of the “Thousand Talents Plan”. Dr. Jin earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Genetics from Fudan University, and obtained his PhD in Biomedicine/Genetics from University of Texas Health Science Center. Dr. Jin has published 280 Scientific Citation Index in international publications such as Nature, Science and PNA; and his work has been cited over 14,000 times.

Mann Fung, MD, MBA

Mann Fung

Dr. Mann Fung was Vice President, Oncology Scientific Innovation at Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre, Asia Pacific, where he was responsible for creating and implementing an external innovation plan focused on developing an industry-leading portfolio of oncology investment opportunities in Asia Pacific. Previously, Dr. Fung was the Vice President, Compound Development Team Leader at Janssen. He was also the Executive Director/Head of Specialty Pharma Development at McNeil. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Fung was the Head of Oncology & Critical Care at Eli Lilly Japan and a Team Leader and Reviewer at the FDA.

Hooshmand Sheshbaradaran, PhD

Hooshmand Sheshbaradaran

Dr. Hooshmand Sheshbaradaran has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in drug development, marketing, business development, financing, and executive operations. He held several senior positions in large pharma including Roche and Pharmacia/Pfizer. He also served as the Chief Business Officer of PsiOxus Therapeutics, an adenovirus-based OV company that closed a $936M licensing deal with BMS on its lead OV candidate NG-348. Dr. Sheshbaradaran also successfully founded Niiki Pharma and later exited via an M&A deal with Intezyne Technologies, where he is still a board member